Thursday, 15 March 2012


Sketch book, below idea for The Sneaky Witch  

 Above: an etching I did in my first year with aquatint, it is actually a friendy witch. The moral of the story is not to prejudge people!

Above: a beginning idea for a story, she is evil and sadly does wan to eat children but I would like to portay her as comical and at times we may sypathize in her misfortunat events.

Hansel & Gretel


He might be an explorer when he grows up, or join the circus, who knows. Either way, he is a water colour painting in my sketchbook for now.

The Bloody Chamber

A painting I did for the folio society competion.  '... he hunted them with dogs as though they were foxes' - The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Flyer for the Iota gift Shop

Kaplan Olympics

This was from last November. It was for Kaplan's  calender and the theme was about the upcoming Olympics. The image of the elephants above has the title of 'Darling you are the best English Elephant synchronized swimmer.' On a closer look the colour on this one has turned out a bit funny which was something I realised later on, so I might work on it a bit more.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Maxfield Parrish

I just lent a book out about Maxfield Parrish, and am captured by his great dramatic settings. Here are just a few images that I found on the web to share along with. Parrish specialized in fairy tales and mythology. His illustrations, even out of context seem to induce moods rather than to illustrate incidents, to capture the moment and crystalize it. Parrish has sometimes been called a pop artist of the 1920's from his use of bold colours and contrast, this was achieved by using an ancients method which the old masters like Leonardo da Vinci used. He would build up tones by means of glazes, one over another. It is a very slow process, but the result is rather impressive, in addition Parrish commented that he enjoyed to work slowly. (So do I!)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I am Marry Lennox!

From the story of the Sectret Garden, my first depiction of the main character

Envelope and Card

If you want, you can buy a moon etching! (for £12) The somerset satin paper is folded behind so one can even use it as a card. A hand made envelope also comes with it. If you want to more details about this, please conact me at

The Whole Moon Cycle

 As one complete print
106.5 x 25.5 cm
Etching on Someret Satin Paper

First Quarter Moon

 Two Polar Bears Dancing

Waning Cresent

 Cat and Mouse Waning Cresent. The first etching came out curiously motled and textured then I found out I did a mistake during the ecthcing process! I then redid the process properly with the plate and came out with the other result, which is raher flat and boring compared to the 'mistake' print. Since I worked over the plate, it will always print the second version now which I regret. Howver the first print can be sure it is unique as its the one and only print of its kind!

Waxing Cresent and New Moon

Sleeping Kitts

Sailing Boat

Third Quarter Moon

The Frog. Apparently in certain parts of the world you can actually see indents in the moon that create a form of a frog! 

Wanning Gibbous

Full Moon

Moon etchings

These are etchings of the moon depicted as a girl in a white ball gown. The one below has been through the process of aquatint to give it various tones, the other has not, instead I experimented with leaving lots of ink on. As a project each etching will depict the waxing and waning of the moon.